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SXdrv presents Carmasutra:

Our 10 most adventurous sex positions in, on and around a car...
We at SXdrv made it our mission to go out into the world and discuss, research and practice as many ways to explore sex in as many ways possible incorporating a four wheeled vehicle. Out of all the scientific, fantastical and practical evidence the SXdrv team deduced ten of the most exciting, challenging and fun positions that will get anyone who dares...the true SXdrv experience in sex-drive:  

The Rear-Ended See/saw

This position is heavy on the arms and core, for both of you but get it done right…and you’ll be in heaven.
Here's a tip from the wise, see/saw is key to aceing this move!

The Hoodlum

Although this is an easy one. You need to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, reason being, well "maximum indecent exposure" (So watch out for the PO-PO)…
This move is basically a standard doggy style position…but it gives both peeps a good view of a beautiful machine, which adds to the sensation, pleasure and is a good motivator to add some extra horse power in the thrust.

The Back sweep

This position is no Sunday drive…Lets be honest, it doesn’t look very comfortable, however, the sensation for both peeps is insane. A true test of mental and physical endurance will be needed to attain maximum drive.

The Dash Smash

This one might look easy! But trust us…It's not. Space is the challenge and comfort is lacking, but definitely worth the effort…It stimulates the gal in all the right ways and puts her, literally in the drivers seat…It's always about the drive. If you wanna test a girls moves, this position is for you.

The Cupholder

This ones for the boys…for those times where you're just too tired…I mean - for those romantic nights where you just need to be naked and together, let your lady take control with a nice and easy slow ride to absolute pleasure.

The O.T.W.

This position is just all out fun…So gents, “balls to the wall!” Go all out. Ladies let the world know whats happening in that car. There’s also a nice scenic view out the window.

The Wingman

Again, maximum exposure so social media will have you served on a platter from everybody recording and snapping, showing you, being the stallion you are, also depending on how fast you drove to get to where you are shagging the lovely lady, will depend on how hot the car will be so ladies beware of the burn!

The Pay-load

Yes! Although we here at SXdrv love speed, sound, looks and everything else about cars, we can appreciate utility too.
Here’s why, the Payload is open aired, good old fashioned, nature shagging and there’s no better place than on the back of a 4x4 truck. Get in touch with your roots. For the weak kneed peeps, put some padding down for the knees yeah!

The Low-rider

Although complicated, this position gives both partners a seat at the wheel, in terms of speed and thrust…ladies can grind, clap or twerk at their discretion and the guys can set the ride height for maximum thrust.

The BootBang

The ultimate challenge…the most difficult of all, once you master this twisted, pleasure puzzle, you will be a master at sex riding. Not many have tried it and even fewer have succeeded. If you have the balls to face this lil’ monster you have our deepest respect and honour, and we wish both you and your lady friend good luck… FYI: Injury is highly likely so keep your phone close incase of medical emergencies.


This is just to say if you do, do any of the actions stated within this article, you do so at your own risk. SXdrv.com or any other party involved directly or indirectly to SXdrv.com, does not take any responsibility for any injury, death or pleasure, recieved by following this article or any references to its contents. 

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