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Tesla has announced a more affordable compact fully-electric car that will start at around $20,000.

Tesla has been paving the way for consumers to consider electric cars, as well as leading the way in electric car technology. Tesla's have also become increasingly more popular around the world, and the company has reached a point where it is a strong competitor to other, more conventional, auto manufacturers.

The biggest problem with Tesla currently is the price. The cheapest Tesla, the Model 3, retails for around $35,000. Tesla's have always been just out of reach for the average consumer and, realising this, they have come up with a solution.

Tesla has announced that they will be making a far more affordable alternative. The cheaper Tesla will have a completely different shape and design than what is currently in their lineup. The new Tesla will feature a more compact body while still maintaining the typical Tesla trims, features and tech. Although not much has been revealed about the car, we can expect it to be more powerful than its competitors under the same price tag, with much more exciting tech.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Casgains Acadamy, on Tesla's $20,000 Compact Car Is Coming Soon - The End Of Gas.

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