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The Tesla surfboard is put through the ultimate test to see just how good and durable it is.

Tesla released a very limited run of a surfboard that would be an addition to the Model X, Model 3 and Model S in Southern California, with only 200 samples ever made.

The Tesla surfboard was manufactured and developed by Tesla and is made out of the same unique high-quality matte and gloss finishes you'll find on the cars throughout the Tesla range. The deck of the Tesla surfboard is coated in Tesla's ultra-lightweight carbon fibre to add strength and rigidity.

The idea was to offer the limited edition Tesla surfboard as a surfers package on a few of the Tesla models in the surf capital, sunny Southern California, US.

Tesla has been known to make these little perks to help appeal to a particular market. Their latest offering is a Tesla made quadbike called the Tesla CyberQuad ATV and will be an addition to the upcoming Tesla CyberTruck.

Youtube channel, What's Inside, managed to get hold of a Tesla surfboard and filmed a video where they would put it through the ultimate test, what the board is made of and how it looks like inside.

Their test consisted of finding out how well Tesla surfboard would surf and what it looks like inside!

Take a look at the video below titled What's Inside the Tesla surfboard.

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