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The new baby Tesla will cost less than a Volkswagen Golf.

In 2021, Tesla has a decent range of offerings, from a sedan, sportscar, supercar, SUV and even an upcoming pickup truck!

However, with more and more budget electric car manufacturers also wanting a piece of the pie, Tesla has a plan to also offer a cheaper and more budget-friendly offering into the mix as well.

The problem with electric cars is that they are not exactly cheap to make, and the demand for them was significantly lower than your regular internal combustion alternatives. So Tesla's have always been more expensive and somewhat exclusive as well. But, as time went on, the demand for electric cars hit an all-time high. Tesla are at a point now where they can make a cheaper car and sell it to many more potential buyers.

The new Tesla will be the smallest and cheapest Tesla ever made, and will cost a bit less than your average Volkswagen Golf! So, who knows, your next car might just be a Tesla!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Carwow, on the New Baby Tesla - It Will Cost Less Than A VW Golf.

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