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The Vilaca Racing Time Attack Series has been going on for around four years now, and it’s proven to be a hugely popular event. The race series was created by Jono Vilaca of Vilaca Racing, a former Red Bull athlete and a talented race driver, who capitalised on his industry and race experience to bring a privateer race series that’s pretty much a by the people, for the people kind of affair. There are more modified streetcars around JHB than Metro can wave a fine book at, and these guys like to drive fast. Sure, in a straight line, you can get away with illegal racing on the streets, but a straight road has never made a good driver. Can you imagine the kak you’d make if you chose a set of roads to race around as fast as possible? Well, that’s why there are race tracks, and the Vilaca events give people the opportunity to race their daily drivers or weekend toys on various racetracks around the country in a safe environment. To make it even more appealing, the racing is in a time attack sort of format so there’s no actual wheel-to-wheel racing which means there’s pretty much zero chance of being bumped by another racer on track. The cars are released with enough of a gap between them that drivers won’t be able to catch the driver ahead. Even if a driver has issues and drops back, the guys know to pull over to let the other cars safely pass. Thanks to the way it works and the classing, the field of cars seen on the track is just brilliant. You’ll see stock streetcars with less than 100 kW on tap, modified streetcars with good power and well-sorted suspension, seriously modified cars that are still street legal but not too much fun on the streets anymore, and also race-spec cars in a class of their own.

It’s not uncommon to see some well-known faces from the local race scene attending the event, and even though they have race experience, the guys classed as amateurs are extremely talented and often post up lap times that some race drivers wish they could do. The event caters for all kinds of cars and skill levels, and event-dependent you’ll see up to ten different competitive classes dividing the cars up. Throughout the year there are no less than 7 events spread across 5 racetracks to compete in and rack up points for the championship, and we’re closing in on the final round of the year. This 7th round will take place at Formula K on the East Rand, an amazing venue and track, and what makes it interesting is that no one will know the track layout until race day, such is the versatility of the circuit as well as the evil genius of Jono. The 2023 driver’s championship has been hard-fought with just a few points dividing the top spots in some classes, so this final round is one that will see the competitors giving it 110%. The best part about all rounds of the Vilaca Racing Time Attack Series is that there’s a daily class, so anyone wanting to give the event a try has the opportunity to. If you want to join as many as 80 of the region's coolest and fastest streetcars, you have until the 12th of November to get your entry in on the Vilaca Racing website. To stay up to date with the event, the sponsors and the entries, follow the Vilaca Racing Facebook page. Another cool thing about the events is the great photographic and video coverage, so if you perform well you might get a spot in the video and a new desktop background is pretty much guaranteed. We’ll see you there! 

Take a look at the YouTube video from Round 3 of the 2023 Vilaca Racing Time Atack Series that also took place at Formula K. Instead of a compilation of all the cars on track, this is a cockpit view of a hot lap on the circuit. This is the series creator's own Nissan 350Z showing off some amazing driving, and the right way to get around the track. Do you think you can do as well? Watch and let us know, and if you think you can, pull in on the 18th November: Vilaca Racing Nissan 350z Hot Lap Formula-K Round 3 2023 | Vilaca Racing

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