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Looking back at the active suspension that was so good, they banned from Formula 1.

Have you ever wondered why Formula 1 cars don't use active suspension? As it turns out, once upon a time, they did. If we take a trip back to the 90s, you'll see the battle between Williams and McLaren. The former, visibly more stable and faster through the corners.

Not only that, but the driver was able to adjust the ride height via a button on the steering wheel. This allowed the car to drop down closer to the tarmac on the straights for improved drag and faster laps.

It was all part of aerodynamic efficiency, which used the floor of the car as a wing to suck the vehicle down. It wasn't all smiles and smelling the roses, though. There was a lot of trial and error to refine the system. On occasion, it was actually responsible for causing accidents on the track.

By the time the creases had been ironed out, Nigel Mansel had won the F1 world championship, and the active suspension was banned by the FIA.

To find out how it worked and why it was banned, then check out the video below by YouTuber, Driver61.

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