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With cars getting faster and faster, tyre technology has had to try and keep up, and as with all things there are premium and not so premium brands. One of the higher rated tyre manufacturers recently launched their latest halo tyre, and now the world has the Continental SportCompact 7. This is classed as a high-performance tyre and will be comfortable at home on any cars that are stupidly fast that need high levels of grip and great water dispersion. It’s odd to think how much goes into tyre design and manufacture, when you do take a close look at the way they’re made and what’s gone into them, the high prices for the premium brands start tio make sense. While a tyre is a grudge purchase for regular car owners, for those into the high-speed side of the automotive world an expensive tyre is a must, and also a cool talking point at any gathering where cars are the main subject. 

The new SportCompact 7 has advanced wet grip capabilities with impeccable braking, and low levels of noise to ensure a comfortable ride at all times. When you dial it up to 10, the tyres offer up great feedback while making sure the car goes where you point it, which is pretty damn important when you’re hooning around in something like a Mercedes-AMG A43, or any performance car for that matter. IN recent tests by people who do these things often, the Continental SportCompact 7 was able to offer up the same levels of grip in the wet and the dry. The different test results from tyrereviews.com awarded the SportCompact 7 a 995 for Dry Grip, a very high 97% for Wet Grip, 97% for the all-important Road Feedback, an amazing 99% for Handling, 85% for the Wear Rate and a healthy 80% for comfort.
There’s loads of technical information available for those that live for data, and that can all be had over at the Continental website. The SportCompact 7 does have a really cool feature worth mentioning though. The new “locking elements” see the outer shoulder tread, and the row of tread just next to it actually actively move together and lock into each other affording a much bigger contact patch under hard cornering. Amazing! Professor Burkhard Wies, Head of Research and Development for the Passenger and Light Truck Tire replacement business worldwide at Continental says: “You can put a tyre under stress if you put increased demands on it. In this kind of situation, the new adaptive tread provides safety and driving confidence together with very precise cornering stability in wet and dry road conditions. This is made possible by the tyre’s innovative design. While driving, the tyre’s footprint ends at the point of the highest water removal in the tread, to offer outstanding grip when braking, accelerating, and cornering on wet roads. When cornering on dry roads, the footprint shifts to the outer shoulder, which is designed to transmit the highest forces for stable handling.”
Conventional sports tyres react differently to different vehicle models – depending on the weight, size and engine of the car in question. “Our new SportContact 7, is the first product in the high-performance tyre segment that is tailor-made for every type of vehicle,” explains Wies. Heavy vehicles require different tyre solutions to light cars. So, the specifications of the SportContact 7 are adapted to each vehicle class. “As a result, we have developed new technologies, suitable for roads and racing, that are used depending on the tyre size, so the typical driving feel of the SportContact family is retained irrespective of vehicle. This includes a design tailored to different vehicle classes. We can also adapt the stability of the sidewall, the grip under different loads, as well as the high-speed capability, handling and design of the carcass to every vehicle class,” he adds.

Take a look at the short YouTube video showing a few key details of the amazing new Continental SportCompact 7 high-performance tyres: Continental SportContact 7 | Continental Tyres South Africa

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Here's a few pics from the local launch at Zwartkops Raceway

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