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The Hachi-Roku gets revived in this epic supercharged, super-slick red-hot reincarnation!

The name 86 isn’t simply a number, but it carries with it a rich heritage and deeper meaning. It’s pronounced "eight-six" or Hachi-Roku in Japanese, but more commonly pronounced as "eighty-six" or GT86 and it draws it’s significance from the historic Toyota front engined and rear-wheel drive sports coupé, the Toyota AE86 from the 1980s, which is still immensely popular, especially in the drifting community. The GT86 was launched in 2012 and just like it’s older brother, it’s become a staple in the petrol head community, with countless tuning houses and private individuals carrying out all kinds of modifications, engine swaps and just about everything else on them.

This amazing bright red example is tuning company RMS Innovations’ pride and joy and the list of mods on it is about as long as a trip to Mars would take.  When RMS decided to build this fully worked GT86, they didn’t hold back, installing only the best parts on it, to extract optimum performance as well as reliability out of it.

The 2.0L FA20 Boxer motor has seen a massive list of upgrades, and the coolest part of the upgrade is the RMS 210+ twin screw positive displacement supercharger kit, which is also the main source of the car’s big power bump.  To cope with the required fuel requirements a set of Deatschwerks 450cc injectors was installed as well as a Deatschwerks upgraded fuel pump. The car also has RMS slight unequal length headers and a performance overpipe to increase power output. Also aiding performance as well as making this beast sound mean as hell is the 304 Stainless Steel Van Der Linde Performance Exhaust with slick looking Carbon tips. To help with heat dissipation and improved temps a Laminova water to air heat exchanger (intercooler) was installed in the engine bay. This car also runs a revolutionary fuel system called FlexFuel, which allows in to run many kinds of fuel such as normal 95 octane, 95 mixed with octane boosters, and even pure ethanol for some real power.

The expert tuning on this car is where the real skill came in though and it runs ECUTek Integrated Software with a custom written file from Delicious Tuning, incorporating a few awesome added features courtesy of RMS Innovations. First up is the custom fully adjustable launch control and customizable traction control, allowing you to perfect your launches in any situation you might find. Then there is also automatic rev matching when you need to downshift, so that you don’t have to do any throttle blips manually and for when you are accelerating through the gears there is flat-foot gear shifting, so that you can keep your foot flat on the gas pedal while shifting gears, all helping you to go as fast as possible and not lose valuable seconds, whether it’s on the track or the street. RMS has also programmed 4 maps into the ECU, which can be changed on the fly, so that you can be in any driving mode, from mild to WILD! Of course safety and reliability is paramount in any tuned car, so they’ve also installed built-in failsafes including ones for monitoring those vital oil and water temps. This car now pushes out 210kW and 310Nm on the rear wheels, which is an insane 100kW up from the stock factory output, allowing the driver to have endless fun with this rear wheel drive monster. This is achieved on a 70% Ethanol mix at 5500ft above sea level.  The guys from RMS put in all their effort to make a 100% reliable and safe setup that can be driven at full potential without any problems on the track and the road. Due to the amazing cooling effects and octane rating of Ethanol as well as the fact that is vastly inexpensive, they have created a incredibly simple, reliable and incredibly effective performance setup. More power also means the clutch needs to handle this increased stress, so the stock clutch was chucked in favour of an ACT XXTS Street lite performance clutch.

Power isn’t everything in a car though but it needs to be a good all rounder, with great performance and great handling to boot. Luckily the guys didn’t cheap out with the suspension and braking with the car running a world-class setup. To bring this speed demon to a halt, the car makes use of a Powerbrake PB42 Big Brake Kit with GT disks and ENDLESS MX72 pads, which is perfect for track and road use. To keep handling tight, the car runs a setup of ZEAL Japan Coilovers,

SPC Lower control arms, Megan Racing Strut Bars in both the front and the rear of the car, a Whiteline bushing kit, Positive shift Gearbox mount and a Positive traction Diff mount, all allowing the car handle like its on rails. Traction is also key to putting down power so the stock wheels and tyres were chucked and replaced with 18" A-Line Wizzard wheels wrapped in premium Falken ZE912 tyres.

Lastly cosmetic additions always make a car stand out more, so the guys didn’t leave this department alone either. On the exterior, the RMS branding is complimented by Rocket Bunny sideskirts and a Rocket Bunny rear diffuser, along with Valenti smoked LED taillights, hood dampers, LED foglights and Zele wheel arch trim, finishing off the exterior. On the inside, there is a custom RMS vent boost gauge, Carbon dash, custom gauge cluster aluminium tacho rings, Android Touch screen radio with internet and reverse cam, Kicker sound system and a epic Cusco drift knob.

What makes this car even more special is that it was used in the Top Gear Live show last year where it was even signed by the STIG and it was then used this year at the Clarkson, Hammond and May Live show in Johannesburg where it was autographed the Hoonigan himself, Ken Block!

This is one badass Toyota GT86, with dashing looks and devilish power, enough to cause some terror on the track and obviously on the streets as well!


Car Specs

Model: Toyota GT86
Power: 210kW
Engine: 2.0L Boxer FA20, RMS 210+ Spec Supercharger kit, Twin Screw Positive Displacement Supercharger, ECUTek Integrated Software and Delicious Tuning custom map, Laminova water to air heat exchanger (intercooler), RMS FlexFuel Kit, RMS Slight Unequal length Headers and performance overpipe, 304 Stainless Steel Van Der Linde Performance Exhaust, Carbon Tips, Deatschwerks Port Injectors 450cc, Deatschwerks upgraded Fuel Pump, Custom launch control, Auto Rev-Matching, on the fly map switching (4maps), Flat foot gear-shifting, custom traction control, built in failsafes, additional failsafes for monitoring oil and water temps
Brakes: Powerbrake PB42 BBK with GT disks and ENDLESS MX72 pads
Suspension: ZEAL Japan Coilovers, SPC Lower control arms, Megan Racing Strut Bars - front and rear, Whiteline bushing kit, Positive shift gearbox mount, Positive traction Diff mount
Drivetrain: ACT XXTS Street lite performance clutch
Wheels: 18" A-Line Wizzard 8.5J front and 9.5J rear wheels, Falken ZE912 tyres
Exterior: Rocket Bunny sideskirts, Rocket Bunny rear diffuser, Valenti Smoked LED Taillights, Hood Dampers, LED Fog Lights, Zele Wheel arch trim
Interior: Custom RMS Vent Boost Gauge, Carbon dash, Aluminium Tacho Rings, Android Touch screen radio with internet and reverse cam, Kicker Sound System, Cusco Drift knob


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