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This is the history of Red Bull in Formula 1.

Red Bull is one of the most famous racing teams in Formula 1 today, but how did it all start and what lead them to be as popular and successful as they are now.

Red Bull, as we all know, is an energy drink company that was founded in 1984 in Austria. Their first-ever move into sports sponsorship was for an Austrian ice hockey club in 1987, but they eventually paid an interest in the world of Formula 1 by sponsoring, not the team but the driver himself, Gerhard Berger in 1989. This personal deal proved to be highly successful for Red Bull which sparked the idea of getting far more involved in the sport, and other extreme sports alike.

It wasn't until 1995 that Red Bull actually sponsored an F1 team, which was Sauber F1, and lasted until 2004. That was the first time the world got a glimpse as to what the F1 Red Bull livery looks like and, quite frankly, hasn't changed much since then at all.

In 2004, the Jaguar and Ford F1 team partnership closed its doors and sold their team for $1, on the basis that the new team would invest $400,000 into the team to keep it running. And who should go on to buy this team? No other than Red Bull. This would be the first time Red Bull shifted away from being solely a sponsor of Formula 1, to being an actual race team.

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