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Not every petrolhead can afford a project car, but there is another way to express your desire to go sideways... Enter the Hoonigan crew and their new hobby, RC drifting!

Radio-controlled (RC) vehicles have been around for decades in all shapes and sizes. Back in the day, monster trucks like the Midnight Pumpkin, Vanessa's Lunch Box and the Monster Beetle – based on a classic Ford pick-up, an 80s-era Dodge van and a VW bug respectively – were all the rage.

Then, there were the original off-road racers like the Hornet and Grasshopper that offered hours of dust-inducing fun. Eventually, the top F1 cars of the 80s, as well as DTM touring cars and LeMans racers, made their debut, ever-evolving and getting better-and-better over the years.

Nowadays, there's an RC car for every discipline of motorsport and, in the past five or so years, another phenomenon has hit the RC market; full-on drift cars based on the real-life vehicles that inspired them. Cars like the Nissan Skyline's, Mazda RX-7's, Nissan 370Z's and more can be seen racing all around the world.

And they're not just a moulded plastic body on a chassis anymore either, the 'aftermarket' industry is as big as it is for the full-sized cars, with an ever-expanding craving for bigger wings, better mags, LED lighting options and, of course, custom steering and suspension setups.

It's an addictive hobby, and the Hoonigan's find out why as they take a trip to a tuning shop turned RC drift house called Super G Drift shop. Watching these 1:10-scale, perfectly detailed little cabbies bombing sideways along this indoor track is mesmerising, it'll definitely have you wondering how you can get your hands on one during the COVID-19 global lockdown.

Ultimately, an RC vehicle can be more than just a hobby. It's a culture in the same way as racing and drifting are in real life. For many, it really is more than just adults acting like kids, for many, it's a lifestyle. Oh yes, and it's kid-friendly too!

Smash that play button below to see the Hoonigan's in action and to learn more about RC drifting. I can almost guarantee you'll be doing a Google search for RC cars in no time!

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