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Take a look at this insane private Hot Wheels collection that is valued at one million dollars.

Hot Wheels collector, Bruce Pascal, has been fascinated by Hot Wheels since his parents bought him his first one at just age 7, and he has been collecting them ever since.

He currently has 3,500 cars in pristine condition in his collection, which resides at his private home. Pascal had an architect redesign his office and turn it into a Hot Wheels-themed showroom, where he spends hours playing with and admiring his collection.

Bruce explains that he later found out that the founder of Hot Wheels, Elliot Handler, who invented the most popular boys toy in history, was married to the lady who invented the Barbie doll, the world's most popular girls toy, Ruth Handler.

He said he will be open to creating a museum for his collection and will be open to sharing it with a Barbie doll collection to pay homage to their legacy.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Truly, on the 1 Million Dollar Hot Wheels Collection.

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