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It's sexy, it's curvy and it makes you want to do raunchy things with it. Yes of course it's a Lotus!

Lotus have always been known to built car that didn't need a whole lot of power to make for an exciting drive, but they rather focused on their cars being lightweight, with small capacity engines and of course amazing, go-kart-like handling. If you think about the Elise and Exige, they are basically nothing more than life sized, closed cabin, fun as hell, go-karts; ready to be smashed around a racetrack at any time you feel like it.

Enter the Lotus Evora. It's definitely a bit bigger than than an Elise and it also has a larger capacity motor, but it's still without a doubt, pure Lotus. The Evora is based on the first all-new vehicle platform from Lotus Cars since the introduction of the Elise in 1995. The name "Evora" keeps the Lotus tradition of beginning model names with an "E". The name is derived from the words evolution, vogue, and aura. Other names considered were Eagle, Exira and Ethos; Exira was rejected as it was considered not good enough and the other two because it would be difficult for Lotus to claim them as a trademark.

Even though the Evora is quite a bit more plumpy than it's predecessors, it still only weighs in at 1,383kg, and coupled with a mid-mounted, transverse, Toyota-sourced 3.5 litre 24-valve V6 engine producing a nippy 206kW, it makes for a really amazing drive. The handling feels light and agile, changing direction with seemingly no inertia, while the steering provides loads of feedback and the ride is more comfortable than many family cars. That 206kW V6 motor also provides more than enough grunt for the car to be propelled from 0-100km/h in only 4.8 seconds.

 The interior of the Evora is not the most luxurious place to be, but it's more than enough to keep you happy and in control. The instrument cluster and plain but functional, while the smaller size steering wheel lets you feel like you are indeed behind the wheel of a go-kart and not a full sized car. The best part of the interior has to be the gorgeous Recaro bucket seats, clad in plush leather and shaped perfectly to keep you from being chucked all over the place during some tight cornering sessions.

I think it's really suited that the Evora's front looks like it has a massive smile on it's face, because when you own a piece of joy like this and more importantly, get to experience what it feels to be behind the wheel, you'll be smiling non-stop all day long!


Car Specs

Model: Lotus Evora
Power: 206kW









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