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Car companies love making and selling merchandise to allow their customers and employees to represent the brand they all love. Often, regardless whether or not that car brand is heavily involved in motorsport and events.

But sometimes it appears as if they go completely overboard! Check out the most insane and rather weird merchandise ever to be made and sold by car manufactures:

  • Dodge Gaming Headphones
  • Subaru Cornhole Set
  • Nismo Binoculars
  • Peugeot Pepper Grinder
  • Lamborghini Air Conditioner
  • Porsche Hooka
  • Bugatti Hooka
  • Audi Foosball
  • Dodge Dartboard
  • Tesla Onesie
  • Lamborghini Boombox

There you have it, and if you want one you can probably order it directly from their respective websites, but be prepared to pay insane prices for these limited edition car merchandise products. Just the Lamborghini Boombox, for example, sells for a steep $26,000! Or maybe you enjoy smoking, that Bugatti Hooka sells for $100,000!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Donut Media, on Car Company Merch Is Weird...

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