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The other day we showed you a very interesting and unusual auction listed at Bonham’s. The Zoute Sale featured a collection of eight Aston Martins that were all customised to match each other for the owner. The cars all featured a custom interior and were covered in a bespoke Orange No.1 paint to create the Orange Special Limited Edition Collection. As far as matching colour collections go, it was pretty cool, but the latest listing we spotted over at RM Sotheby’s has made that 8-car garage look rather tame. There’s a sort of secretive Porsche collection known as the White Collection, and it’s made up of the most amazing new and classic Porsches, which as you can guess, are all white. It was revealed to the world about four years ago when the Porsche Club of America was lucky enough to be able to film a tour of all the cars. We have no details why, but the White Collection has just come up for sale. Looking at the list of cars and the pricing, there’s literally zero chance that the collection will be bought as one lot. No one out there has that kind of F-you money just for Porsches. There are a few multi-million dollar cars in the collection, a collection made up of a whopping 56 Porches. FIFTY-SIX! The majority are white while some are sort of off-white, but there are only a couple of those ones. Many of the cars have super-low mileage or even just delivery mileage, and some of the more modern models were ordered with all the options as well as the merchandise that was available to the specific model. Over and above the cars, there are many thousands of dollars of memorabilia ranging from official merchandise to workshop items and commemorative pieces. There’s even a pair of Porsche tractors and 5 non-Porsche cars - there are 566 lots in total, and browsing them on the RM Sotheby’s website will take you a good hour if you’re a Porsche fan.

The auction will take place in the first week of December at the hospital-like premises where the collection is housed, likely because moving everything to another place would be a ridiculously big challenge and that would also put some mileage on some cars that have less mileage than I walk in a day. The top-valued cars in the White Collection are just mad. At the top of the pile is a 2015 Porsche 918 'Weissach' Spyder with a blue interior and just 18 miles on the odometer. This one is tipped to fetch $3,000,000 on the good end. The next is pure porn, a 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.8 with an all-red interior, and the car has just 70 km on it. It’s basically a brand-new 30-year-old car, which explains that it could rake in up to $2,500,000. The one that we’d have because it’s the sexiest car in the whole collection is the 1997 Porsche 911 GT2. It’s one of the higher mileage cars in the collection and that just tells us it’s an irresistible car to drive with 15,226 km on the clocks. It could fetch $2,200,000. The 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight will undoubtedly be fought over in a bidding war. There are just over 42,000 miles on it and looks like it could pull in $2,000,000 USD. The last one that’s pegged to pull in around $2,000,000 is quite a rare one with just 39 examples hand-built and believed to be one of two in Grand Prix White. It is a 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo S X85 Flat-Nose with a bespoke cabin featuring Rootwood and Cashmere Beige leather throughout. The nose isn't to everyone’s taste, but it does make it rare. It has just 39 miles on it. We’ll be keeping an eye on this auction!

Take a look at the YouTube video from a few years back when PCA was granted access to the absolutely stunning White Collection and was allowed to film much of the collection. It clearly took a long time to amass all these cars, and it is sorta sad that the collection will now be split up but at the same time, some of those cars need to see the light of day. While the cars are the stars of the show, the associated memorabilia and merchandise is equally impressive. Check out the awesomeness: The White Collection | Porsche Club of America

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