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Take a look at some things Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo can't live without.

Daniel Ricciardo explains that there are just some items he can't live without when travelling the world during Formula 1 season.

1 - Party Shirt
Daniel explains that he will always at least have one "party shirt" with him wherever he goes. His party shirts are usually crazy in design and colour, and he says they suit his fun personality.

2 - Journal
Daniel takes it to the old-school by carrying a journal with him to jot down thoughts and experiences while travelling abroad.

3 - iPod
Music and Daniel Ricciardo go together like tyres on a car. He will never be seen without his 15-year-old 80GB iPod Classic.

4 - Headphones
An iPod ain't nothing without headphones. Daniel Ricciardo has a custom set of Beats headphones that share the same graphics as his F1 helmet.

5 - Cologne
With hours of flying and racing, Daniel wants to ensure he smells his very best. He will not leave home without a bottle of Baie 19 French cologne.

6 - Traveling Pillow
Daniel explains that one of the most important body parts of an F1 driver is the neck, and staying at many different hotels affects the consistency of a good nights sleep, hence his travelling pillow.

7 - Multivitamins
Travelling to so many different countries in a relatively short period of time exposes the body to many different temperatures and environments which negatively affect the immune system, therefore a pack of multivitamins are in Ricciardo's bag.

8 - GoPro
As a kid, Daniel always had a camera with him to film all the mischief he and his friends got up to. That stuck with him, and now he captures all his travelling moments with his GoPro.

9 - Face Mask
This season of F1 has been like no other in history! Daniel keeps with him at all times a facemask, more specifically a vibrant leopard skin coloured one to further suit his style.

10 - Racing Helmet
Probably the most prized possession is Ricciardo's F1 helmet. Daniel explains that the helmet is the one thing that drivers have full control over how they are customised, and is the only way fans can identify them when they are in full kit.

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