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Here are a few things you secretly do while playing racing games.

As fun and exciting as racing games are, you will have to admit that there are a few things we all do secretly while playing them.

Much like in real motorsport, esport and racing games also pump you with adrenaline and stress, and make you as competitive as can be! And, with that all comes some common habits we all experience.

Here are 6 things we all secretly do while playing racing games:

  1. Crashing into a friend and blaming it on lag. Just hitting the rear end of your friend in the middle of the race to get you that fraction of a second advantage and then blame it on lag as if you had nothing to do with it!

  2. Cutting corners. Depending on the game you're playing, they might not penalise you for cutting a corner, and when you find this out you cut those corners and still believe you're the best player of the game.

  3. Purposely making someone crash because they're annoying you. Clear your mind of all senses of realism and just make an opponent crash because they're annoying you.

  4. Bragging about your lap time. Not that anyone really cares, but you have an urge to brag about your lap times.

  5. Saying you scored a better result than you actually did. You sometimes feel like it's necessary to shave off a few seconds of your lap time result to make you sound more impressive.

  6. Rage quitting. This one we have all done! When you have been racing and concentrating for so long, and you can almost taste the finish line when someone rams into you. Without even finishing the race you just quit! It sort of gives you a satisfying feeling, like you have hurt the game as a form of revenge! Well, probably safer that way than throwing your controller or steering wheel against the wall out of frustration.

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