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The Tesla Cybertruck was revealed in November of 2019, almost 2 years ago and still hasn't become officially available just yet, but since its announcement, it has not failed to grab people's attention and imagination as what happened in this quick story:

CJ Cromwell revealed his home DIY project that he called the "Plybertruck" that he built for the Gambler 500 Rally which is for the most part an off-road style event. Cromwell followed the event's guidance of not spending more than $500 on improving and prepping their car of choice for the event. What CJ Cromwell decided to do was transform his first-generation Acura MDX into a Tesla Cybertruck lookalike with just using plywood hence the name "the Plybertruck".

CJ Cromwell decided on the Cybertruck due to how easy it would be to pull off due to its simplistic sharp-edged design.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on This Cybertruck Is Not What You Think...

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