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When you take a good look at the Mazda RX-7 FD3S, it's hard to believe that it was made way back in the 1990's as the shape and design of the car still looks great and modern and this is probably the reason Japanese sports cars from the 90's have done so well over the years. Most of them are even more popular now than when they were launched, can you believe. It's called timeless, classic design and the Japanese automakers of cars like the RX-7, Supra and Skyline really got it spot-on.

The RX-7s first model was the FB, with the FC following and then finally the FD3S started making an appearance in 1991 until 2002. The last model, that we see here was definitely the best and most desirable and the one you see here is actually an "ɛ̃fini" model, which means it was one of the models sold in Japan exclusively, as the ones going to the rest of the world was sold under the Mazda brand.

This particular car is really in pristine condition and has seen quite a few modifications done to it, since it left the showroom floor back in the 90's. The car was firstly resprayed in an eye-catching ST orange which really brought it to life. It also saw the addition of a C-West front bumper as well as aftermarket side-skirts and a aftermarket rear wing which finishes the rear end of perfectly. Wheels wise a set of 18" deep dish Lenso Project D wheels was added under the wheels arches, finished in gloss black with polished lips. To get the stance looking just right, a XYZ adjustable coilover suspension was installed as well.

RX-7s are very well known for their unique and sexy engine sound, which comes from their 13B rotary engines and these are totally unique to Mazda. In standard guise, the twin turbo setup on the 13B makes just over 200kW from the factory, but the motor in this car has been beefed up quite a bit. Firstly it was converted to a single turbo setup, with a massive T66 turbo now providing the boost and a Turbonetics dumpvalve was installed to get rid of excess boost. An oversized radiator and aftermarket intercooler was then added to help with the extra heat and everything is connected with shiny aluminium piping. A aftermarket exhaust gets all the gasses out, while also making that amazing motor sound even better. The fueling system was also upgraded with twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps, Bosch 1600cc secondary injectors, braided fuel lines and a surge tank. Everything on the engine is then managed by a Microtec LT10 ecu. All this is now good for an estimated 265kW on the wheels!

The interior just received a few key upgrades like an awesome ATC steering wheel, GReddy turbo timer, EBSII electronic boost controller, a MOMO gearknob and some aftermarket gauges to keep an eye on the vitals.

This is one sexy 90's Japanese legend, that has just gotten better and better with age and with the few extras added it just made the finished product amazing!

Car Specs

Model: ɛ̃fini RX-7 FD3s
Power: 265kW
Engine: 13B-REW,  Single turbo conversion, T66 turbo, Aluminium piping, Oversize radiator, Aftermarket intercooler, Aftermarket exhaust, Bosch 1600cc injectors, Twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps, Braided fuel lines, Surge tank, Microtec LT10 ecu, Turbonetics dumpvalve
Exterior: C-West front bumper, Aftermarket side-skirts, Aftermarket rear wing, ST orange respray
Interior: GReddy turbo timer, EBSII electronic boost controller, ATC steering wheel, MOMO gearknob, Aftermarket gauges 
Wheels: Deep dish Lenso Project D 18" wheels
Suspension: XYZ adjustable coilover suspension






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