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The world of sleeper cars is all about deception and creativity. What you want to achieve, is to have your opponent glance at your car and immediately believe they can beat you with their eyes shut. But... what lies under the hood is where all the magic happens!

In the video below, some of the world's greatest sleeper car builds will have you in awe of their insane their top speeds and the horsepower these cars are making. And we're not talking supercars or even hot hatches, for that matter, we're talking about Toyota Prius's, Volkswagen Golf MK II's, Beetles and even some pickup trucks from the 1930s!

It just goes to show that, you don't have to use your life's savings in order to have a fast car. All you need is, well, pretty much any car you can get your hands on, some technical know-how, and the right people to help you!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Trend Max, on the Top 10 Fastest Sleeper Cars In The World...

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