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Car modification is a very personal thing, almost like fashion in a sense, but it runs deeper than just the aesthetics of it. One thing that has to be unified is when it comes down to the performance aspect as you can't argue with physics and it remains constant wherever you are on the planet!

But what about if you wanted a mix of it all? The best mods for performance gains as well as the benefits of having your car look good...

Well, here are 7 car mods that will offer exactly that:

  1. Wheels - Upgrading the wheels of your ride will offer a far better look and it has performance benefits such as weight reduction.
  2. Rubber - With upgrading your wheels, why not invest in some track-ready tyres to give you that edge.
  3. Exhaust - Exhausts look and sound good if done correctly and they will help you unleash some extra horses.
  4. Coils/Springs - Slam your ride down to give it that aggressive stance and enjoy a far better handling car.
  5. Kit - Body kid upgrades help with aerodynamics if done right and makes your ride look that much meaner.
  6. Intake - When you're ready to do a software tune, you need a few bolt-on parts for your engine to perform optimally, one of those upgrades is a good high flow air intake and on top of that your engine will sound insane!
  7. Turbo - If your car has a turbo from the factory there are a number of mods you can do to such as a blow-off valve.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Mighty Car Mods on The Top 7 Car Mods Everyone Should Do - Wreck It...

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