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Date: 2017-11-22
SXdrv, Automotive, Cars, Devel Sixteen, Hypercar,Video,

SXdrv, Automotive, Cars, Devel Sixteen, Hypercar,Video,

SXdrv, Automotive, Cars, Devel Sixteen, Hypercar,Video,

SXdrv, Automotive, Cars, Devel Sixteen, Hypercar,Video,

Enzo Ferrari once said “If you can dream, you can do it,” and the team behind Devel Sixteen aren’t holding back in their quest to create the dream hypercar.

It may be crazy to even begin imagining, but it is happening! Four years after the surprise reveal and a hugely viral video, Shmee 150 is back for the presentation of the revised Devel Sixteen, with a 12.3-litre V16 and quad turbochargers that is potentially capable of 5,000 horsepower. Just to make sure you read that right, not 500, but 5,000 horsepower!

The car has a hugely long wheelbase and comes with three various states of engine configuration; a 2,000 horsepower V8 setup, a 3,000 horsepower V8 racing level, and then the full-hog 5,000 horsepower quad turbo V16 – if you want to go completely bonkers.

In the video below it also features the original prototype and the latest version of a potential production concept.

On the stand you will see the Devel 60; a 6-wheeler portal axle equipped monster of an off-roader. Be sure to check out the video below to see the Devel Sixteen hypercar:

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