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The precise circumstances of the wreck are still unclear, but it appears that the car struck a traffic light pole on its side. The impact occurred at a significant velocity, as the passenger cell was detached from the engine as the car was split in two. 

According to NBC Chicago, the accident you can see in the images was caused by a two-vehicle impact. While the circumstances of the impact between the Lincoln sedan and the Lamborghini Huracan are unclear, it is evident that the Lamborghini collided with the other car and was then projected into the pole. 

Considering the severe damage suffered by the Italian model, high speed was probably a factor that caused this incident. This goes to show that nobody should exceed the speed limit in the city, if you needed further evidence on the matter.

Luckily, the driver of the Lamborghini Huracan was rescued from the vehicle shortly after impact by a courageous group of bystanders, who did not wait for anything else until they intervened. 

Thankfully, they were just on time, as the engine caught fire after the impact and the remains of the car were burned because of the fire. If the driver had not been rescued from the vehicle, this news would have been tragic, as he would not have survived the flames.

As usual with modern supercars, the passenger cell did a marvelous job at protecting the occupants. This is one of the reasons why these cars cost as much as they do – it is more than marketing, exterior design, and brand image. Modern supercars are designed from the start to keep their wealthy occupants alive in the unfortunate case of a serious accident.

While a tuned car could probably become as fast as a Huracan in a straight line after investing a serious amount of money into it, nobody could say for sure that the occupants of a regular sports car would have survived this impact. Hopefully, a day will come when all cars will be as safe as supercars are today, with their carbon fiber passenger cells.

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