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The annual gathering of the world’s fastest cars takes place in Gainesville, Florida and it was the perfect opportunity for Dodge to summon their sinister creation. Florida Car Culture was quick to recognize a Demon test mule car in the staging lanes and recorded the first quarter-mile pass of the upcoming monster. With sounds of a healthy camshaft, it will be imposing to any competitor. Outfitted with Hoosier slicks and almost no exhaust, Dodge is redefining what we thought was street legal for a production car. One of the most anticipated muscle cars in recent history, the Demon has been teased on YouTube as part of a campaign known as “If You Know, You Know‘. Each film has a press release outlining more information on the car, and this morning we learned it will arrive with a TransBrake.

If you aren’t into drag racing, a TransBrake is a lock inside the automatic transmission, giving it launch control. Some hardcore racers see it as cheating, so they’re banned in “foot brake” racing. Usually controlled by a spring-loaded switch, Dodge has integrated it into the shift paddles behind the steering wheel. Since the engine is held at 2,350 rpm, the supercharger is awake and delivering 40% more torque than foot brake cars. I am glad someone got paid to come up with such nonsense because anything that lines up next to a Demon will have a custom torque converter and probably blow its doors off. The Demon will be a great car for those who don’t plan on modifying their cars. I never thought they would dive so deep into drag racing so it will be interesting to see how the Super Stock classes respond to the news. No mention of price has been made, but we have several Hellcats for sale if you want to build your own.


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