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A decade on and the Nissan 370Z is getting long in the tooth. This hasn't deterred Nissan though and is hoping that a few tweaks and adjustments will offer up some appeal for another few years.

It's quite a task though as newer rivals, including hot hatchbacks and some very compelling two-door coupes, are going to be tough opponents in this market.

Considering its age the 370Z still looks great, and the mild external changes – whilst hard to spot for the layman – keep it looking fresh. There's new door handles, subtly tinted lights, new 19-inch alloys and new paint options including the Infra Red job of the one in our image gallery. Alongside brand-new competitors, such as Audi's TT, and many would be hard-pressed to know it’s a 10-year-old design.

Hop onboard and its age starts to show. The seven-inch touchscreen has sat-nav but no DAB radio (that's digital audio broadcasting for those who don't know) for our European friends, which many customers might find unhelpful. Bluetooth is standard but Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not even options while the GT model offers a seriously cool Bose stereo system.

Changes under the skin include the new Exedy high-performance clutch, while the refined suspension is still quite harsh around town, things feel more fluid at high-speed although the incessant road noise from those big wheels and low profile tyres is, well, tiring.
The driving position takes some getting used to and the steering can't be reach-adjusted but the sports seats remain wonderfully supportive.

The 370Z is a physically demanding car to drive, a carry-over from a decade-old technology. The controls are more weighty compared to most modern rivals, the steering is heavy and the gearbox notchy but rewarding.
With 324bhp and 363Nm going through the rear wheels means it's tail-happy on wet roads, too, but that's what appeals to those who would purchase the 370Z.

With the rumours of the 390Z, that was allegedly scheduled to make its debut at last years Tokyo Motor Show, debunked, there are talks about Nissan milking out the 370Z until their NISMO division prepares to go mainstream – ala BMW's M Sport and M Performance divisions. This could be a crucial development for the 390Z.

While we wait with baited breath of the Z-car's replacement, this updated and still fun 370Z will have to do for now.

Check out the video for more.

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