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James Fleckenstein unveiled his new Ford Platinum dually mega truck at Rednecks with Paychecks this past weekend. 

The 2011 Super Duty was a silver flood damage truck that was in good condition, so James grabbed it and proceeded to transform it into this replica 2016 Shadow Black beast seen in the video below. The 6.7L Powerstroke engine needed attention due to the water ingestion, so it went under the full treatment with forged internals, heads, upgraded turbos, injectors, fuel pump, 4″ to 5″ exhaust, tuned, etc.

Tires are 65″ tall 35.5L and are genuinely just plain old massive! The subframe was a masterpiece courtesy of DMD Offroad. The Ford Platinum features front- and rear-end cameras, full LED lighting solution and internal and external sound system.

Plus it has a full LED lighting system and a high powered internal and external sound system so he can turn it into a club scene with the touch of a button.

A hater could say that this particular Ford isn’t an actual Platinum as it’s badged, but who cares? Just look at it!

Have a look at the Ford in the video below:

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