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In the video below you will be able to watch how a McLaren 720S supercar (full-scale) was built for this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. Replacing the aluminium and carbon-fiber structure with 267,300 tiny blocks, the 1:1 scale model arrived at the Goodwood stand incomplete and visitors had the opportunity to add over 12,700 bricks to complete the supercar build for charity.

McLaren Automotive worked with LEGO's speed champions team based in Billund, Denmark, providing in-depth vehicle CAD drawings in order to determine the correct number of LEGO's to be used to complete the model. 

It took 2000 hours to completely assemble the McLaren supercar. In comparison, a real production McLaren 720S takes around twelve days – or roughly 288 hours – for the British-automaker to build. The model was constructed over a steel frame and a real set of Pirelli ‘P Zero Corsa’ tires. The visitors helped raise over $3,000 for charity at Goodwood Festival of Speed and took the opportunity to lay down the final 12,000 bricks. 

Have a look at the video to see how the McLaren 720S was built in super-speed!


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