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It may seem like a crazy headline but, I assure you, it's not clickbait! YouTuber, Alex Choi, challenges his lady friends to apply their makeup in the passenger seat of his drifting McLaren 720S... and then disaster strikes as another girlfriend crashes his modified BMW M2.

Yup, when you have access to a drift track like the Grange Motor Circut and own a few really awesome cars, anything is possible.

We've all see ladies applying makeup while driving to work in the morning, right? But, is it still possible for them to do it from the passenger seat when the car is drifting around a racetrack?

This is exactly what Alex Choi, a famous YouTuber, challenged them to do while he shredded the tyres on his McLaren 720S around a drift track. Firstly, it's obviously not going to go well for the girls but, more importantly, how many people will actually drift their McLaren 720S, ever?

While all that is going on, Alex's friend and YouTube star in her own right, the gorgeous Emelia Hartford, wrecks his modified, yellow BMW M2 as she takes it drifting too. If you want to see how it happened from her perspective, then check it out here.

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