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Changing the colour of your ride has never been more accessible and affordable as it is today. Doing a full respray now has some competition, with other product alternatives such as full vinyl wraps and even dipping your car with a product such as Plasti-Dip!

But, if you are stuck between choosing a vinyl wrap or a DIY Plasti-Dip kit, which one should you choose and why?

If we take respraying your car out of the equation, Plasti-Dip is your cheapest option when compared to a vinyl wrap. If you want to do it as professionally as possible, you can order a Plasti-Dip kit which ensures you have the right tools and enough Plasti-Dip to completely cover your car. Vinyl, on the other hand, is more expensive and labour-intensive. Plus, if you have no experience wrapping your car with vinyl, we highly recommend using a professional for the install.

The benefit of vinyl, however, is that the surface is far smoother, which ensures that it will not get stained from bird poop or tree sap. Plasti-Dip, unfortunately, is more prone to stains. Another advantage of vinyl is its ability to be covered in a ceramic coat or protection clear vinyl to help preserve it, whereas Plasi-Dip is not.

So which one to opt for? If you don't intend on keeping your wrap for years on end, and want to temporarily change the colour of your car for perhaps a season or two, then save some bucks and get some Plasti-Dip. If it's durability, a longer-lasting finish and paint protection you're after, then save up a bit more and go the vinyl route.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Over Haul, on Changing Your Car's Colour: Plasti-Dip vs Vinyl Wrap...

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