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So you have been watching Formula 1 for the past couple of years and have watched the popular Formula 1 Netflix TV show Drive To Survive back to back and know the sport of Formula 1 well enough to apply for a job as a race director?

Well, you might have to be put to the ultimate test, that of knowing what each and every flag is used for in Formula 1. How many did you know?

Here is what all the flags mean in Formula 1:

Yellow Flag - Single stationary yellow flag indicates that overtaking is prohibited due to potential danger nearby the track. A single yellow flag that is waved indicated that overtaking is prohibited due to potential danger on the track. Double waved Yellow flag means drivers have to reduce speed and not overtake as there is a blockage on the track.

Yellow & Red Striped Flag - Indicates that the track is slippery.

Green Flag - Session has begun or is being resumed.

Blue Flag - Indicated to the driver that a lapped car is about to overtake and that the driver must give way.

White Flag - Indicated to a driver that there are slow vehicles ahead.

Red Flag - Session stopped.

Black Flag - Driver is disqualified and must return to the pits immediately.

Black with orange circle Flag - Indicated to a driver that their car is damaged.

Half Black Half White Flag - Indicated to a driver of unsportsmanlike behaviour and if continued a black flag may be issued.

Chequered Flag - Session is completed!

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