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F1 tyres play a huge role in the sport and in racing in general. Without them, there is quite literally no race to have! And less obviously, each compound plays a huge part in the lap times of each driver and also in different race strategies and weather conditions as well.

The current race tyre brand is Pirelli who partnered with F1 back in 2011 after Bridgestone. Each race weekend, every car on the grid gets a full set of brand new Pirelli tyre compounds, but they are used for 1 race weekend before being discarded.

So what actually happens to these tyres after every Grand Prix? Well, apart from an odd one here and there that makes its way to either a museum or private collector, the rest are recycled in the United Kingdom by Pirelli in the most environmentally friendly way to make new tyres.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: WTF1 on What Happens To F1 Tyres After A Grand Prix?

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