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By now you should know that the F1 2022 season is going to be big! And, it's necessarily just because of the current competition between the leading teams, and the fact that we very well may have a full complete Formula 1 season for a change as the current pandemic restrictions ease worldwide. Nope, it's more so because of the changes to the cars.

The change from the 2020 to 2021 season remained virtually identical apart from a few changes to the regulations, such as the teams budget caps and a few extra materials that may be used in car development.

However, the 2022 F1 season will feature drastic changes to the cars. One major change is the huge increase in wheel size.

But, the problem is that bigger wheels take more force to get the same acceleration. What's worse, they are far heavier too, which will cut down on lap times by up to two seconds! And, on top of that, the new tyres on offer for this new wheel size will feature a far thinner sidewall.

The current tyre size on F1 cars plays a vital role in the suspension setup, as thicker tyres absorb bumps and help keep the car as stable as possible. Tyres with a lower profile in F1 means that more suspension components will need to be added, which also makes the cars heavier!

On the positive side, however, these new suspension components will allow the teams to set up the cars to a far greater extent for each track, thus making the sport far more strategically competitive.

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