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Tesla's battery manufacturer says they made a battery to last 1,000,000 miles.

There was always a big problem with the concept of electric cars, especially when they were in their infancy, and that was portable battery power technology.

Now, with more and more electric cars and even plug-in hybrid system cars on the market today, more research and development is going into batteries for electric cars. This, essentially, improves their efficiency, power, duration and, ultimately, the cost.

Electric cars are currently at a point where the benefits of owning one are matching that of a combustion-powered car, and that rate will only keep climbing hereafter. Electric cars nowadays have an average range of around 300 kilometres, and every time a new model Tesla comes out, the range per charge increases.

Tesla's Chinese battery manufacturer, CATL, also develops batteries for Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Honda and even Volvo, and have officially developed a car battery with a 1,000,000-mile range on a single charge, as well as having a rating of a 16-year life. Yup, you read that correctly a, almost unbeleivable, million miles on a single charge.

This new battery prototype has interested hundreds of investors and partners and, over time, will drastically improve the electric vehicle market.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Torque News, on Tesla's and CATL's 1,000,000 mile battery.

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