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This little 5-year-old kid got rudely interrupted by police whilst on an 800-mile road trip to buy his dream Lamborghini.

We have heard similar stories in the past about kids taking parents cars for a quick joyride here and there, but what separates this story from the rest is the pure child's innocence. Yes, it's incredibly irresponsible from both the child and the parents, but this kid is only 5-years-old. At that age, you can hardly comprehend someone saying no to you when asking for a Lamborghini, let alone know how to drive in the first place, how does that just happen?

This 5-year-old asked his mom for a Lamborghini (we like to think an Aventador SVJ) and, after his mom declined his request, he decided to take matters into his own hands. With only $3 in his pocket, he took his mothers SUV and set off on an 800-mile journey from his home in Utah to California to buy his brand new Lamborghini dream car!

Shortly after he set off, the cops pulled the SUV over and, to their surprise, found this 5-year-old kid at the wheel where they were told the sweetest story ever. Thankfully, the 5-year-old did no harm to himself or others during his Lamborghini dream trip.

Here is an official Tweet from the Utah Highway Patrol:

Take a look at the onboard footage from this story below from the Utah Highway Patrol on YouTube.

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