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Here are the seven most unbelievable moments in the history of the infamous 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one motorsport race everyone is thrilled by! But, like many other forms of motorsport over the years, an incredible moment occurs that will forever go down in history as being pretty unbelievable.

Here are seven unbelievable moments in Le Mans history:

  1. Louis and Jean-Louis Rosier
    In 1950, an incredible father and son story made history when Louis Rosier drove a staggering 23 hours and 15 minutes behind the wheel! His son, Jean-Louis, took over for only two laps so his father could have something to eat and use the restroom. And, if that's not amazing enough, they won the race too!

  2. 1969
    Drivers of the 24 Hours of Le Mans would start the race outside of their cars, run up towards it and climb in. Most drivers wouldn't even strap themselves in to save time. Driver Jacky Ickx protested this tradition by simply walking to his car and taking his time. The following year, the start tradition was scrapped and drivers were strapped in securely.

  3. 1988
    The Peugeot WM88 broke the speed record down the Mulsanne Straight at an insane 400 km/h.

  4. Turns
    Back in the day, the Le Mans circuit had only 12 turns in comparison to 38 today. Thus it was thought that the lap records would never be broken ever again but, in 2015, the Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro broke the lap record twice in one day.

  5. 1933
    The race-leading Alfa Romeo suffered a full leak from the fuel tank. There was no time for a replacement to be done, so the mechanic fixed the issue with chewing gum, and they went on to win the race.

  6. 1976
    Due to the oil crisis, many racing cars competing in the Le Mans bailed out due to affordability. This also discouraged fans and spectators, so the officials allowed Nascar's to join in which got fans back and cheering. However, none finished the race.

  7. 2016
    This was expected to be a rival race between Porsche and Audi but, Toyota, who had never won a race before, took the lead. Unfortunately, with only three minutes left of the race, the leading Toyota suffered technical difficulties and lost their winning opportunity.

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