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Usually Supercars have two big attributes that make them epic. They can reach ridiculous speeds and of course they all emit really epic sounds from their big horsepower, thoroughbred engines. Now and then something comes along though, that has way more than just those two things. This insane creation right here is the EPICENTRE of that over-the-top awesomeness.

Owning a Ferrari 458 Italia is pretty baller but when that’s not enough to impress the shit out of everyone around you anymore, you need something that really screams out “Fuck me! That’s badass” That’s exactly what happened with this once-upon-a-time, completely stock supercar. Race! in Kyalami, South Africa does not do stock very well, at all, but instead turns almost every car that comes through their clutches into something loud, brash, and completely sinister. Just the way we like it!

This black and white masterpiece of engineering and extreme customization is the perfect example of just what they can achieve. They bought this car completely stock a few months ago and Marco from Race decided to turn it into one of, if not THE best looking “complete package” cars we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Nothing on this car was left untouched, literally. Believe it or not this car used to be red, but red Ferraris are common and so unimaginative, just like print in a digital age, so that obviously had to change. Out from the spray booth emerged a stunning white Ferrari with a gloss black roof, refinished just as good if not better than the factory would’ve done it themselves. Along with the respray came one of the most noticeable things on this mechanical marvel, its delectable Liberty Walk wide body kit, that was fitted to perfection on the existing body of the car, by Race’s brilliantly skilled team. It required long hours, cutting of body parts and surgeon-like precision but they pulled it off with ease and style.

Just in case you are a semi-blind person that somehow doesn’t notice this kit on the car, they also added some more mouth-watering extras onto the exterior, just to top it all off. In front the car has a race-inspired, gloss-finish carbon fiber splitter, with three mounting struts as well as a bright red tow-strap, because we all know; tow strap = racecar! Both Ferrari badges were also blacked out to go with the whole monotone look of the car. Carbon fiber side-skirts were also fitted and when you get to the back of the car it’s a party like no other. We’re talking rear lights that were made cherry red, a blacked out Ferrari badge, curvaceous carbon fiber diffuser and at the centre of it all, a huge-ass mother of a carbon fiber wing. It doesn’t get more in your face than that!

The triple exit exhaust that the car comes with, is also a thing of the past and was replaced with a screaming Armytrix Titanium valvetronic system with dual-exit Titanium blue coated tips. Badass level 99 unlocked! All across the body of the car, the relevant vinyl stickers were also applied of all brands involved with this epic build. All these totally sick mods would look pretty out of place if the car was still riding on its stock wheels but luckily and not unexpected, that’s obviously not the case. Under the fattened arches you’ll find wide-as-hell, well associated with Liberty Walk, Forgiato wheels with exclusive brushed anodised centres all finished in black, wrapped with only the best tyres, Pirelli P Zeros. Red anodized lug nuts keep the wheels bolted firmly onto to the hubs and custom painted Brembo brake calipers sit behind the wheels.

Most people wouldn’t mess with the stock suspension on a Ferrari, but luckily Race aren’t most people. Just in case you were getting confused, the mods on this car definitely haven't turned it into a show car AT ALL, but instead, it’s been built to be driven hard and perform exceptionally well on the track and the street. That’s why the new suspension that’s been fitted to it, is top shelf, race-bred and not to be taken lightly. Sitting under the shock towers are JRZ RS Pro coilovers which has been expertly setup by Race technicians, including corner weighting and the system also incorporates an Umbrella variable ride height system, that lifts the front and back of the car, with the press of a button, so that it can navigate shitty roads and speed bumps with ease.

This Liberty Walk 458 masterpiece that Race have created is the ultimate middle finger salute to purists, but we think it’s as close to perfect as a Ferrari can get. It has speed, sound, power, handling and crazy style to boot. The ultimate head-turner, that will get people talking and keep them talking for a long time to come. This seriously deserves the title, “Fresh to Death”.


Car Specs

Model: Ferrari 458 Italia
Engine:  Armytrix Titanium valvetronic system with dual-exit Titanium blue coated tips, Engine covers painted Red
Exterior: Car repainted in White, Liberty Walk widebody kit, Carbon fiber front splitter, Carbon fiber sideskirts, Carbon fiber rear diffuser, Carbon fiber rear wing, Cherry Red taillights, Ferrari badges blacked out, Custom vinyl stickers, Tow strap, Gloss black roof
Wheels:  Forgiato wheels with exclusive brushed anodised centres all finished in black, Pirelli P Zero tyres, Custom painted Brembo calipers, Tirestickers, Anodised lug nuts
Suspension: JRZ RS Pro coilovers with Umbrella variable ride height system
Tuning Shop: Race!
Location: Kyalami




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