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It’s mad to think that SUVs have gotten so popular and so powerful over the last few years that it necessitated the creation of a new sub-segment - Super SUV. Just like supercars have recently evolved into hypercars, SUVs have evolved to Super status. Every automaker that has an SUV on the books has a performance model, one with more bells and whistles along with a motor that has no business being in an SUV. Traditionally, these were range-topping models among the biggest automakers, it’s only in more recent years that the companies specialising in sportscars and supercars decided to add an SUV to their lineup, besides Porsche of course, who have led the charge. It seems like it was just the other day that Lamborghini entered the fray, but the introduction of the Urus was already over six years ago. The current pick of the bunch for those who play in these big leagues is the Urus Performante, and it’s one properly good-looking slice of Italian awesomeness. The styling is everything you’d expect from Lamborghini, there is nothing subtle about them at all, and in typical Lamborghini fashion, it has a beast of a powerplant. Under the hood is a turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 that in it’s very latest guise puts out some pretty wicked power - 666 hp - or in normal people's speak, that’s 497 kW. The associated torque is great too, a healthy 850 Nm of it gets sent to all four wheels. We’ve seen the powerplant do duty in VAG products before, like the Audi SQ8, the Porsche Cayenne and even the Bentley Bentayga but in the Urus it delivered the biggest punch. On paper, the Lamborghini Urus Performante can get to 100 km/h from a standstill in as little as 3.3 seconds, and if you stretch its legs it can be pushed to 306 km/h. Slow it is not.

In this comparison drag race put together by Mat Watson and the Carwow crew we get to see the OG Italian go up against Ferrari’s new SUV, the all-new Ferrari Purosangue. Ferrari was a late adopter when it comes to SUVs with many rumours around that the company had no interest in the segment. That’s clearly changed, which could have been helped along when the Ferrari top chaps saw how many Lambos were rolling off showroom floors. It was worth the wait though because when the Purosangue finally arrived towards the end of 2022 it ticked all the boxes to make it typically Ferrari, and in the looks department it’s a stunner. Loosely translated Purosangue means pureblood, and it certainly is. The Super SUV features rear-hinged doors on that brilliant body shape, but this test doesn’t really take aesthetics into account. To give the Purosangue a chance in these kinds of tests, it was given a serious powerplant that will soon also feature hybrid assistance. The model that was launched is still a thoroughbred, petrol-fed affair. This Super SUV features the Ferrari F140IA lump, a monstrous normally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 that creates a mightily impressive 533 kW of power with torque rated at 716 Nm. This is mated to an 8-speed DCT transmission and power is sent to all four wheels. This combination sees the Ferrari Purosangue able to do the measured 0-100 km/h in as little as a claimed 3.3 seconds, it can hit 200 km/h in 10.6 seconds and has a claimed max top speed of a fast 310 km/h. With the power being a little down compared to the Urus Performante, things even out a bit with the weights. The Purosangue tips the scales at 2,033 kg while the Performante comes in at 2,150 kg. While the Ferrari is all that and a bag of chips, we’re not fans of the brand, so our money is on the Urus Performante all the way.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing Mat and friends in a drag race comparison between two Italian Super SUVs, the popular Lamborghini Urus Performante and Ferrari's new hybrid-powered Purosangue. We didn't think a Ferrari SUV would look this good, but does it have the go to match?: Ferrari Purosangue v Lamborghini Urus: DRAG RACE | carwow

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