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After Tesla's announcement that some of their exclusive models will come standard with a yoke steering wheel in place of traditional rounded ones, conversations and rants flooded all forms of social media and news and for good reason.

A yoke steering wheel is mainly used in aircraft with pitch control, but Tesla wasn't the first to adopt a yoke steering wheel into a road car. This was actually done by a few car manufactures as early as the 1950s but has never really caught on until now.

The biggest problem yoke steering wheels face is the ability to rotate the wheel from any point when performing a complex manoeuvre such as when performing a 3 point turn.

In modern cars, however, variable steering ratios are implemented in order to turn the wheel minimally at lower speeds. This solves the issue yoke steering wheels face. There is also a benefit to yoke steering wheels over traditional ones and that is that the driver's hands are forced to be in the optimal position for handling.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Future Mission on The Real Purpose Of Yoke Steering Wheels In Tesla Model S Plaid...

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