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This montage follows a two-year build of a Toyota Soarer Turbo 1JZ, including bags, a massive single turbo conversion and more.

In August of 2018, the dude from the YouTube channel, Divine, got his hands on a Toyota Soarer. This was the beginning of an ongoing project that saw the car transform from completely stock to a sleek and understated winner. Well, in petrolhead terms anyway.

The evolution started with bagging the Soarer, getting it low to the ground. Then an HKS intake was added, windows tinted and then it was on to the interior. The original cream door cards were painted black, and then the cream seats were dyed black too. 

Next up were aftermarket side skirts and a set of 326Power wheels to give the side profile an edgy look. The fenders were rolled to accommodate the larger rims when the bagged suspension was lowered.

Then, a KBD front bumper was installed, along with a Vertex steering wheel. Eventually, the car was ready to be wrapped in vinyl.

A few months later, a new set of seats were installed to replace the stock ones that had been dyed. A short while later, the rear bench was recovered to match the fronts. To round off the interior, Divine installed a Star Light headliner.

Taillights from a newer model replaced the old ones, and then it was time to remove the wrap so the Soarer could be painted instead. The painting out to be a nightmare, and the car ended up being painted numerous times to get the colour correct.

Eventually, the original turbo would be swapped out for a bigger one, and a freeflow exhaust was fitted to give it a deeper growl.

Although it's still a work in progress, this Toyota Soarer looks the business. To see the modifications in progress, click on the video below.

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