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McLaren claim their Senna is as fast as a proper GT3 racecar around a track, Chris Harris decides to find out if that's true.

It's a bold claim, as daring as the styling on the McLaren Senna, and one that Chris Harris decides to put to the test. Conveniently, Harris races a Mclaren 650S GT3, and he has a friend who owns a Senna, so it's off to the track then.

Choosing to go to Silverstone in the UK is to try and replicate what an owner of the Senna is likely to do. So is opting for Race mode so that some of the nanny assistants can help keep the car on the tarmac and prevent those generous portions of rubber disintegrating.

The 650S GT3 is fresh from the 24-Hours at Spa and is still coated in bugs, rubber flakes and grime from the race. This is the epitome of race cars based on vehicles you'll find on showroom floors. Perfect opposition, then, for the Senna to stack up against.

So, how well does it do? You'll have to click play on the video below to get Harris' commentary as he does a flying lap of each to reach his conclusion.

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