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If you're one of those rare people that find the Lamborghini Gallardo boring, here's something just for you. This track monster, the Reiter Engineering Lamborgihini Gallardo FL2 GT3 will blow you away!

Lamborghini makes some pretty exciting, bold cars, but in this crazy world we live in, there's always people that feel the opposite to everyone else, so I'm certain there is a select few out there that don't really find the Gallardo all that exciting, and it's okay, those people are probably a bit special or not shall we say not too well in the head. 

Luckily though this Gallardo right here will make even those kinds of people jump up and take notice, as this thing is simply debaucherous! It's called the Gallardo FL2 GT3 and it's built by Reiter Engineering as a track-only example, based on the 2013 road-going Gallardo, but it's as far from a road-car as you can get, so I'd rather say it just resembles it.

Established in 2000, Reiter Engineering is the only manufacturer worldwide of racing and race-look-a-like Lamborghini vehicles and their quality and attention to details is simply amazing. The FL2 GT3 Gallardo uses a lightweight structural aluminium space frame incorporating extruded parts welded to a cast assembly with structurally reinforced suspension pick-up points. All the body panels on the car are made from lightweight carbon fiber and the car also has a FIA approved safety roll cage and for safety, instead of glass their is makrolon windows, specifically for race-car applications.

Proper suspension is one of the most vital parts in a race-car so everything is specially made for these cars, with Reiter Engineering double wishbone front and rear suspension, quick adjust anti-roll bar, anti-dive and anti squat, Öhlins 3 way adjustable racing shocksand machined aluminium uprights based on GT1 specs. The brakes are also specially suited for tough track time and endurance racing and are Ventilated racing discs with Brembo racing calipers. The car is also converted from 4WD to rear wheel drive.

The wheels on the Gallardo are 18" ultra-lightweight magnesium wheels that are 12.5j wide at the back and 11j wide in the front, with 310/710 18" racing slicks in the back and 300/650 18" racing slicks in the front, giving the car the best grip possible on any type of racetrack. For ultimate downforce the car has some really trick aero, including a carbon fiber front splitter with integral double under floor diffusers, a carbon fiber rear diffuser and then of course who could ever miss that massive high downforce carbon fiber rear wing, which is also fully-adjustable.

At the heart of this gargoyle lies a 5.2L mid-mounted naturally aspirated V10, with four overhead camshafts, variable valve timing for intake and exhaust camshafts, three water radiators with air exit ducts integrated into the carbon fiber front bonnet, an engine oil cooler and a full racing dry sump system. An EFI Euro 12 controls the engine management while a fully programmable Motec unit controls the power management. All of these fancy groceries lets the engine to ooze out over 600HP at 8000rpm.

This specific car is raced under the Stradale Motorsport banner in South Africa, and on it's first two races it's already been kicking some serious ass. 

I think I can safely say that with this beast under your control, you'll never have a dull moment in your life!


Car Specs

Model: Reiter Engineering Lamborgihini Gallardo FL2 GT3
Power: 450kW
Engine: 5.2L V10 90 degree, mid mounted (longitudinal), Four overhead camshafts, Variable valve timing for intake and exhaust camshafts, Three water radiators with air exit ducts, engine oil cooler, Racing dry sump system, EFI Euro 12, Fully programmable, electronic power management (Motec), FT3 specifi cation 130 L racing fuel cell
Gearbox: Holinger Sequential racing gearbox
Exterior: Lightweight carbon fiber body panels, Carbon fiber front splitter with integral double under floor diffusers, Carbon fiber rear diffuser, High downforce carbon fiber rear wing - fully adjustable
Interior: FIA approved safety roll cage, Makrolon windows, Digital dash system, Reiter Engineering race-seat, Reiter engineering steering wheel
Wheels: 18" Ultra-lightweight magnesium wheels, 310/710 18" and 300/650 18" racing slicks
Brakes: Ventilated racing discs, Brembo racing calipers
Suspension: Reiter Engineering double wishbone front and rear suspension, Quick adjust anti-roll bar, Anti-dive and anti squat, Öhlins 3 way adjustable racing shocks, Machined aluminium uprights based on GT1 specs






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