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In the world of aftermarket tuning, there are more fly-by-night tuning outfits than we can count, they pop up making waves only to disappear completely in just a year or two. On the other hand, some tuning companies have been around for so long that your grandpa likely browsed their catalogues for parts on his weekend toy before your grandma took over the role. Some of these companies have grown to become huge operations with a worldwide footprint and a name and logo that command respect. Some have managed to become intrinsically linked to a certain brand thanks to OEM-quality work and products that can be so good that they’re available with a warranty, even at a dealership level. These brands are few and far between, but they’re mostly responsible for modified versions of the range-topping cars on offer from some automakers, sometimes going so far as to collaborate with an automaker to produce a limited-number special edition car or SUV. That’s what BRABUS is like - an aftermarket tuning organisation that has such close ties to Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG that you’d be forgiven for thinking the company is a subsidiary of Mercedes itself. The partnership is so close to Mercedes-Benz that many aren’t aware that the company also has component, aero, bodywork and powertrain upgrades for brands like Porsche and Range Rover. The company even has a range of makeover packages available for watercraft. With BRABUS being based in Germany, their offerings are easily available to car owners throughout Europe, but the company has specially-appointed partners around the world that have been chosen on their merit to fit BRABUS products to the high standards of the head office. There are a few companies that order basic bodywork components in a sort of private capacity as an extra value proposition for clients, and while they may not be fully approved, they also make sure to carry out the best work possible to keep theirs and the BRABUS name in good standing. It makes perfect sense as no matter which products we’re talking about, they’re going to end up on a luxury car with an owner that lives for quality. 

As mentioned, BRABUS offers owners more products and components than you can count, you could spend countless hours scanning their online catalogues, and that’s just for the things available for Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG models. It makes sense that there would be so much available seeing as the Bottrop-based company has been in the aftermarket modification game for more than 45 years. The company is so in tune with the market that when it became clear that automakers would be moving over to hybrids and fully electric cars, BRABUS simply adapted and used its extensive expertise to be able to create comprehensive upgrade packages for some of the latest hybrid-powered performance cars. We all thought hybrid powerplants would put a stop to aftermarket tuning packages that affect performance, but BRABUS proved that wrong when they started advertising packages for these new-age powerplants. The other day BRABUS released an upgrade package for the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance that took the horsepower from the standard 600 kW and 1,420 Nm to 735 kW with 1,820 Nm of torque. To upgrade one of these new cars, or any car for that matter, it takes many hours of R&D to get it right while also being able to keep the car’s reliability and value in check. We’ve always said that a BRABUS workshop visit would be an absolutely epic trip, and now we have a bit of insight into what goes on there thanks to a new Untold Stories YouTube series. The first one has just been released, and while it’s not very long, it gives an intimate look into the inner workings of BRABUS and is more than enough reason to subscribe to the channel to make sure you see the follow-up videos, Mercedes-Benz fan or not. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that gives a unique insight into the world-famous BRABUS tuning company and shows how the company is able to do what it does with the absolute best processes and quality: UNTOLD STORIES BEHIND BRABUS SUPERCARS | HOW WE CREATE LUXURY - TRAILER | BRABUS #DOCUMENTARY |BRABUS

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