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F1 has officially announced a new track for F1 as of 2023, and strangely, The new Las Vegas Grand Prix will be held on a Saturday evening which is the first time a Saturday F1 race has been held since the South African Grand Prix at Kyalami in 1985.

A Las Vegas Grand Prix has been in F1 talks for quite some time already, and for diehard fans of the sport, this might not be mind-blowing news as a result as it was bound to happen at some point. But just a few days ago, F1 made an official announcement that the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix has now been officially confirmed for next year, 2023.

However, for countries in the far east and west of the globe hosting a Grand Prix the race time needs to be held at rather peculiar times in order for the masses to view it at a more convenient time, in other words, not at midnight, for example.

The new Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix will be held not on a Sunday as all other races are held, but rather on a Saturday evening as a result. This is the first time in Formula 1 history that a Grand Prix has been held on a Saturday since the South African Grand Prix of 1985.

The new Las Vegas F1 track will not be a regular circuit, but rather a street circuit that will cut through the infamous Las Vegas Strip so you can be sure that the atmosphere of this Grand Prix will be absolutely phenomenal!

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is expected to be held around November of next year (2023) which will make it one of the last races of the season, so we still have quite a number of races to get through, but it is without a doubt one to look forward to!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: WTF1 on F1 has announced a NEW tack for 2023...

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