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Here are 8 of the most bizarre and strangest rules in motorsport history.

All different types of motorsports have a set of rules that the teams and their respective drivers have to follow. Some are for safety reasons, others are to even out the playing field. But some are just complete nonsense and rather strange.

Here are 8 of the strangest rules on motorsport:

  1. Fan Boost: In Formula E, fans can vote for their top three drivers of the race via a mobile app and this directly influences the race itself. The tree top drivers get a boost of power which they can use during the race.
  2. Double Points Finale: In 2014, the winner of the final race weekend was awarded double points. This caused an uproar in the Formula 1 community and only lasted one season before getting ditched.
  3. Driver Swap: Up until 1958, Formula 1 drivers were able to swap their car with the car of their teammate in the event of a driver experiencing car problems. Imagine if this was still possible today? Lewis Hamilton wiping out his car then forcefully chucking Valtteri Bottas out of his car and carrying on the race. How bizarre!
  4. F1 Qualifying Elimination: Getting eliminated in qualifying proved to do nothing beneficial to the sport as a whole and was scrapped after 2016.
  5. F1 Radio Clamp Down: The purpose of this was to limit the amount of information drivers could receive from their engineers during a race, but this was soon cancelled after it was implemented.
  6. F1 2014 Nose Regulations: A new rule was implemented by the FIA that all car noses above the front wing had to be closer to the ground, but there was no real scientific support behind it. It did however lead to some rather strange-looking cars, this rule was scrapped by the end of the season.
  7. From Car To Car: In the early days of Formula E, battery technology wasn't at its best yet. Formula E cars couldn't last a full race due to the battery capacity, so every driver needed to switch cars during the race.
  8. Joker Laps: In Rally Cross racing, each driver has to take a joker lap which is a longer and usually quite cumbersome lap. But there is no real reason as to why they have to do this.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, WTF1, on 8 Of The Weirdest Motorsport Rules.

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