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With Tesla coming to the forefront of modern electric car technology, has the innovative brand woken up Germany's automotive manufacturers?

It was just a matter of time before Tesla became increasingly more popular around the world but now even more so in Europe.

A few years ago, Volkswagen found themselves in a rather embarrassing scenario where they got caught cheating on their diesel emissions tests which ultimately cost them millions of Euros. Furthermore, the European governments took a harch approach to restricting diesel consumption and an increase in taxes.

The statistics show that the European consumer values diesel due to its efficiency, which now with new diesel restrictions and legislations in place owning a diesel might not be the prefered option.

Tesla has taken advantage of this and opened up a Giga-plant in Berlin as Europe now has become a stronger market for electric vehicles.

Other German auto manufacturers have realised they have to up their game if they want to continue to be competitive in the electric car market and thanks to Tesla, they have to act fast.

Take a look at the rather controversial video below by YouTube channel: LaterClips on Tesla has woken up Germany's sleeping giants.

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