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If you want a car that attracts hot girls likes nobody's business, buy an Audi R8. If if starts to get you too much attention though, and you need it to become a quick getaway car, just slap a pair of turbos on it!

The Audi R8 is one of the most practical supercars around and no one can deny it's sexyness either. Since it's launch a few years ago, it's definitely become a firm favourite amongst petrolheads as well as golddiggers, or let me be politically correct, woman. It has sexy lines and curves that anybody can appeciate as well as a very functional interior so you could easily use it as a daily car and let's not forget that amazing V8 motor, or if you have the extra cash, you can even have the Lamborghini V10 motor option.

Anything that's fast can be and should be made faster though and this is exactly what customising company Sportech thought when they bought their black R8 V8. So how were they going to accomplish this? Twin Turbos of course, as a bit of boost never hurt anybody. Before the hunt for more power began, they proceeded to liven up the car with a few awesome cosmetic additions. They say wheels maketh the car, so a set of Niche Targa M130 wheels were fitted to the car measuring in at 20 inches with some new sticky tyres to match. Next up was the new body panels from well known company Prior Design. The addons included sideskirts, front fenders, front bumper canards, a roof scoop and who can miss that massive rear spoiler! Goodness!

With the car looking seriously hot, attention was turned to the motor. Sportech designed their own twin turbo system in-house for the R8 and it's working seriously good. They opted to go for smaller size turbos, so that the car could be very driveable and because the boost comes in at quite low rpms with these suckers, excuse the pun, power delivery is very instantaneous, without massive amounts of turbo-lag. The turbos only boost at 0.45 bar, as it delivers good power and it's also limited to this setting as the R-tronic gearbox can't handle more power, without affecting reliability. They also installed high pressure fuelpumps and upgraded fuel pressure regulators for the added fueling. To keep temperatures down, a custom charge cooler was also built and installed into the car, along with custom built charge cooler and boost pipes in aluminium. Other parts installed were things like turbo blankets, air filters, blow-off valves and then lastly they designed and built a full custom exhaust system for the car. When everything was installed and running, the car received a custom software tune and on the dyno it splurged out an impressive 542HP.

So now you have a really hot looking R8 and it goes like stink, so what's left to do? Put a blazingly hot model next to it and cause a meltdown of course, and that's exactly what we did!


Car Specs

Model: Audi R8 V8
Power: 542HP
Engine: Twin turbos, High pressure fuelpumps, Upgraded fuel pressure regulators, Charge cooler, Aluminium cooler and boost pipes, Turbo blankets, Air filters, Blow-off valves, Custom built exhaust system, Custom software tune
Exterior: Prior Design sideskirts, Prior Design front fenders, Prior Design front bumper canards, Prior Design roof scoop, Prior Design rear spoiler
Wheels: Niche M130 20" Wheels 





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