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The Nürburgring is, without a doubt, one of the most complicated, lengthy and difficult racetracks in the world. So why do people race there? Well, because it's insanely fun!

But, besides all that, the Nürburgring is available for open practice to the public for a relatively small fee. That means any old Joe off the street can take whatever car he owns for a couple of high speed laps around the legendary Nürburgring.

But, a question that nobody likes to asks, "what if you crash?".

Well, the thing is that, if you misjudge a corner and lose control of your car on a free practice session, you, as the driver are responsible for the damages. Not only to your car, that is probably uninsured for track use, but for the damages that occur to the track itself. The management of the Nürburgring will charge a fee per metre of damage occurred to, say, the side barrier. If you're doing quite a few miles per hour, you can scratch up a good few metres!

Furthermore, is the safety car is deployed, you'll have to pay for that and, if an ambulance is required, that'll be added to your bill to. The story goes that, if the track day comes to a red flag stop, you will have to take out a loan for those costs too! Fortunately, that last part is just a myth...

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