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Yes, that headline is correct. This is a nitrous-boosted turbodiesel truck, inspired by Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, and it's possibly Thailand's most crazy pickup!

Everybody's favourite animated dragon, Toothless, from the How To Train Your Dragon movies, has been an inspiration for many of us. Mostly, we get rad Halloween costumes and cool slippers, but not if you're in Thailand. Nope, if you head onto the streets of Bangkok, you might be lucky enough to see a truck instead.

To be clear, this modified Isuzu D Max pickup is actually a promotional vehicle for a company called Kit Racing. It's a showcase of what these guys can do to modify vehicles, and it's nuts. In Thailand, there are not many people who own sports cars, but there are many ricers who will modify anything, from their Honda Jazz to the Tuktuk they use to transport foreign visitors around the cities.

It's this portion of the population that Kit Racing appeals to, and they will work on anything. To show off their skills, they decided to go all-out on their own Isuzu pickup. The enormous wheels and tyres are the most obvious upgrade, which uses custom extended A-arms and comically large wheel spacers to get them to stick like a rat rod.

The bodywork is next, with extended wheel arches and that Toothless-inspired hood and grill. The rest of the body is covered in camouflage, that carries on to the piping for the air-filters under the hood.

Speaking of the powerplant, this is a modified 1.9-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel that has not one, but four nitrous bottle attached to it. Whether they all work is unclear as the truck has only 200hp, but this beastly truck does shoot puffs of some sort of steam out of the bonnet, so we can assume at least one bottle is connected.

The interior is also completely custom, with fully aluminium single seats in the front and back, a titanium roll cage, steering wheel and inserts everywhere. It also has a plethora of dials, many of which don't appear to be connected but do look like a drum setup for a really tiny, thrash-metal drummer.

The load bed also has a titanium rollover cage that supports three of the nitrous bottles, the fourth is mounted between the driver and passenger in the cab. We can also assume, from the sound and large puffs of black smoke pouring from under the cab, that the exhaust has a downpipe and not much else, but it's a riot to listen to.

Yes, it may not be practical or fast, but it's hilariously cool! In the video below, you'll find out more about Toothless, the nitrous-boosted turbodiesel Isuzu truck, as well as a few other vehicles that Kit Racing has worked on. Considering Thailand isn't exactly the centre of the car-modification world, this How To Train Your Dragon truck is excellent!

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