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Here are some good practices for keeping your go kart maintained, whether it is during a race season or during the offseason.

Whether you race a bike, car, boat or even a go kart, if it's raceable, it's going to be taking a decent amount of abuse! So, following good maintenance practices will ensure optimal reliability and performance.

Here are some good practices for keeping your go kart maintained:

  1. Brakes
    Check your brake fluid level in the master cylinder to ensure correct levels. Check your brake hardware, and bleed the brake system to ensure optimal braking performance.

  2. Battery
    If you go kart is going to be standing for a while out of use, you want to disconnect your terminals from the battery, and make sure you charge the battery before your next race day.

  3. Fuel Delivery System
    What you want to do is check the quality of your fuel lines and ensure your fuel filter is clean and unclogged. If you haven't had these replaced for some time, perhaps it's a good idea to swap them out with new ones.

  4. Carburettor
    If your go kart is going to be unused for some time, ensure that you take off the carburettor, give it a good clean, and ensure there is no residue buildup.

  5. Chain and Sprocket
    The chain and sprocket are always exposed to the elements, with constant dust and track debris landing there. Eventually, this build up a nasty grime. Ensure you disassemble it and give it a good clean, then reassemble before your next race day.

  6. Nuts and Bolts
    Your go kart undergoes a lot of stress and load when racing. Always ensure that every nut and bolt on the kart is tight and secure.

  7. Wheel Alignment
    Wheel alignment isn't necessarily the biggest of all worries but, over time, will cause your tyres to wear quicker. Always make sure your rose joints and tie rods are in good order.

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