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Larry Chen is one of the most sought-after car photographers in the world. So much, in fact, that he is one of the only car photographer's globally that gets cheered on by the crowd!

Larry Chen explains that his school career was, quite frankly, a complete waste of time. But, it wasn't until he finished high school that he really pushed in his photography career.

However, he quickly realised that travelling the world in pursuit of his car photography career dream at his own expense was not feasible, and there were times where he had to sell most of his belongings in order to pay his rent obligations.

Chen took any paying job he possibly could in order to stay in the car photography game long enough. He finally got his big break six years later, which happened with Formula Drift. In 2012, the official Formula Drift photographer, Jose J. Martinez, retired, and the officials reached out to Larry Chen who said: "I couldn't have said yes faster!"

Years later, and Larry Chen is now considered one of the world's best and most loved automotive photographers. He is now the official photographer for brands such as Hoonigan, Formula Drift, 24 Hours of Le-Mans, Pikes Peak and Speed Hunters.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Carfection, on How To Become The World's Best Car Photographer - Carfection 4K.

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