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The 1968 Pontiac Firebird brings 750 horses to the party, so if it's power you want then it's power you'll get right here. Yup, that's what pumps out from under the hood of the All American Muscle 1968 Pontiac Firebird you see before you. It's loud, proud and will crack off an 11-second quarter-mile too.

And, if 11 is the benchmark, then that's where the gorgeous Leila Lerm has the dial turned up to. Not only is she as smoking hot at the Firebird's rear tyres but she'll blow you away on the rally track too. That's right, Leila is a bonafide racer and will kick your butt. Don't worry if that hurts though, she's also a medic who'll take good care of that bruised ego of yours.

It's a match made in heaven, raw power and sublime beauty, plus, she's surely the sexiest nurse at any Halloween party...

We sat the lovely Leila down for a chat, this is what happened:

Q) So, tell us a bit about yourself, such as hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time, pets, your weirdest nickname and why, who has influenced you the most in your life etc?

A) Hhmmm... well, I'm almost 27 and am a full-blown adrenalin junky. I adore animals and have a lot of pets, three of them are rescued doggies. Hobbies include playing pretend MasterChef in my kitchen, eating the results and then complaining about getting fat. I also enjoy creating art. My nickname at school used to be Ling Ling, but it has upgraded in the racing world to Lerminator... it's like Terminator, only better! The person with the biggest influence in my life is my mother. If I can grow into only half the person she is, I can be proud.

Q) Okay Ling Ling the Lerminator, what else do you do besides modelling?

A) I participate in professional Motorsport. I'm also a medic and dream of furthering my studies to one day be a trauma surgeon – I'm not a surgeon yet, but I operate haha!

Q) Haha, we see what you did there! So, rallying, how cool – what kind of car do you drive and do you have a name for it?

A) For stage Rally, I'm currently in a race-ready Toyota Tazz. On the Offroad Endurance side of things, I'm mostly found in some sort of Sandmaster/Spaceframe.

Q) That's excellent, we love lady-petrolheads! What do you like most about the car you modelled with?

A) I love the old-school American muscle feel to it. A badass car in purple, whats not to like? 

Q) We hear you. Unless the Firebird starts up, then we don't hear anything. Tell us, what is your dream car?

A) Don't laugh, I love a Reliant Robin. I've been keeping an eye out for one since I saw a Top Gear episode with Jeremy Clarkson driving it. It looks like such fun! Other than that, I'm pretty much driving my dream car daily. It's a Land Rover Defender 90 and it takes me everywhere.

Q) The Defender is great but a Reliant Robin? We won't laugh... (out loud). Do you prefer manual or auto cars?

A) Manual Please!

Q) What is something that you’ve tried that you’ll never do again?

A) I love adventures, and I live by trying new exciting things... I once tried working a normal office job and I shall never ever put myself in that situation again.

Q) Now that's a proper life-goal! If it was an apocalypse and you were the last woman left on earth, which three cars would you steal first?

A) Definitely a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, a Lykan Hypersport, and a Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere Edition.

Q) We guess no bad guys will be catching you then. Is it true that a man treats his woman like he treats his car?

A) Initially, I wanted to say no. But, after giving it some thought, I reckon there might be some truth to that statement.

Q) Okay, we'll leave it there. This is probably a silly question, but do you know how to change a tyre?

A) Yes. I'm actually quite proficient at it. My offroad and rally races require me to change a lot of tyres against the clock.

Q) That sounds like the opposite of fun. We don't like to change a tyre unless we're fitting something better to the car. What music are you listening to at the moment?

A) I love music, which means I enjoy a wide variety. Currently, my playlist ranges from Bounce Back by Big Sean To Gorgeous Nightmare by Escape The Fate.

Q) Variety is the spice of life. Speaking of variety, if you were forced to choose between a car, a horse, or a bike, which one would you take and why?

A) A car, no brainer. Although I love bikes I just feel more at home in a car, and horses are just not the type of horsepower I'm into.

Q) And, horses don't smell as good as petrol fumes anyway. If you were to choose one body part to sell to own your dream car, which part would it be?

A) This is a tough question! I think one of my best features are my lips but, if I were to sell my worst, I would say my hands.

Q) Well, you'll save on gloves then. Other than a hot car, what else do you consider a turn on in a man?

A) A man that can actually drive? Haha. Maybe I'm too critical here. Seriously though, I like me a tall, manly man who smells good and is kind and caring.

Q) Ouch! We won't take that personally. So, does size really matter?

A) Yes.

Q) That was short (insert immature giggling here). Have you ever done a striptease?

A) Yes. I might not have the professional dance moves but I'm always game for a good time. 

Q) Nice! What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you in a car?

A) Wow, I spend a lot of time in a car so I have a lot of stories. Sex in a car isn't strange so, moving on... once, while racing in a Bat spec zero (spaceframe with no windscreen), a bird hit me full on in the face on my helmet.

Q) Ouch! That sounds most unpleasant. Hopefully, your experience with us was better – besides being almost struck by lightning, of course!

A) I had such an amazing time on set. The team was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The lightning scared the hell out of me and it was a long day but, I admit, I didn't want it to end.

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